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The Boulder Amateur TV Club (BATVC) has an “open”  TV repeater.   The repeater is dual-band (70 & 23cm) and dual-mode (analog & digital).  Input frequencies are 439.25MHz (NTSC analog), 441MHz (DVB-T digital) & 1243MHz (DVB-T digital).  The repeater automatically switches to any incoming TV signal.   The output is on either 423MHz (DVB-T – standard) or 421.25MHz (NTSC, optional).  Coming soon will be a 2ed transmitter on 5905MHz (FM-TV).   The repeater has a wide coverage area, extending from the Wyoming border on the north,  DEN airport to the east and to south-east metro Denver.  BATVC holds a weekly ATV net every Thursday afternoon starting at 3pm (local Mtn. time).   The net typically runs for about 1 1/2 hours.   The ATV net is streamed over the British TV Club’s server.  To view the net, go to   BATC , click on either N0YE or KH6HTV-TVR.  Full operational details of the repeater are found in  AN-51 W0BTV    Full technical details are found in AN-53 W0BTV tech

Boulder, Colorado – TV Repeater – Monthly Newsletters

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