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KH6HTV VIDEO is a manufacturer of quality amateur TV products for the 70cm, 33cm & 23cm bands.    The product line includes both analog and digital TV transmitters,  RF linear power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, up/down converters, FM-TV receiver,  band-pass filter and bias tees.

ATV in QST — The Oct. 2021 issue of ARRL’s QST includes an article on “Microwave Amateur Television” — 2021-10 QST Microwavelengths

W0BTV Ch57

This is also the home page for the Boulder, Colorado TV Repeater, W0BTV.   For more details about the ATV repeater go to ” Newsletter  ” on above task bar.   There you will also find all past issues of our newsletter.  The repeater’s video is being streamed on the internet.  To view it go to the British Amateur TV Club’s web site: BATC  


What happened to Picosecond Pulse Labs (PSPL) ?  — go to the PSPL App Notes  page and find out.   Then check out the NEW HyperLabs   ( )  for PSPL type products.

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FREE BOOK – “ATV HANDBOOK – an Introduction to Amateur TV”  NEW updated 2021AN-55a ATV Handbook

KH6HTV Video is my retirement, ham shack, hobby business.   My objective is to supply Amateur TeleVision (ATV) products to other ATV hams who are seeking an “appliance operator” solution, rather than “home-brewing” their own gear.

Hi-Des Problem Notice (Sept. 2022) — I have encountered major problems in 2022 with the Hi-Des model HV-110, DVB-T receiver.   I am thus forced to withdraw my endorsement of it which appears in several of my application notes.    If you are looking to purchase a DVB-T receiver for the 70cm band, consider the receiver which I offer for sale at $60.  Combo Rcvr Specs

Newcomers to ATV:   If you are new to ATV and want to get started in high-definition, digital TV, I offer you a special service.   If you purchase a 70cm RF Linear Power Amplifier from me, I will purchase for you (and re-sell to you at cost), the required DVB-T modulator and receiver.   I will program both the modulator and receiver for you.   Thus, when you receive the complete transmitter/receiver package, it will be ready to work immediately for you.  Great KISS deal for turn-key, “appliance operators”

Click on the links  at the top of the page for detailed   product listing,   application notes, prices,   etc.  Also on this web site are the collection of Picosecond Pulse Labs application notes and MatLab programs written by Jim Andrews.  They were previously published on the discontinued web site ( ).   PSPL is now owned by Tektronix.   Click on the above link  PSPL App Notes 

NOTICE:   The 30 Dec. 2021 Fire Storm in Boulder, Colorado destroyed 1000+ homes including the KH6HTV  QTH.   I lost my inventory of several critical, obsolete ICs.   Thus, I am forced to discontinue some products.  If there is still an interest in them, please contact me via e-mail to discuss.

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