Amateur Radio & TV Products

KH6HTV VIDEO _ TV Transmitters & AmplifiersKH6HTV VIDEO is a manufacturer of quality amateur TV products for the 70cm, 33cm & 23cm bands.    The product line includes both analog and digital TV transmitters, RF linear power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, up/down converters, DVB-T&DVB-S receiver, FM-TV receiver, and inter-digital, band-pass, channel filters.   New to the product line are Ultra-Wide-Band Amplifiers (kHz to GHz) instrumentation & LNA amplifiers.

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Also on this web site are the collection of Picosecond Pulse Labs application notes and MatLab programs written by Jim Andrews.  They were previously published on the discontinued web site ( ).   PSPL is now owned by Tektronix.   Click on the above link  PSPL App Notes 

“DVB-T:  A Solution for ARES Television Operations”,  by Jim Andrews, KH6HTV, .pdf reprint from ARRL’s QST magazine, June, 2015, pp. 42-44      dvb-t-qst-june2015

The newly posted price list now includes a lot of surplus equipment for sale, including Hewlett-Packard and Picosecond Pulse Labs electronic test equipment and many misc. items of amateur TV gear.

New App. Notes recently posted – “70cm Antennas for ATV”   AN-40 70cm Antennas   “2.4GHz DTV Transceiver”   AN-41 13cm Transceiver

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