Product List

Products include:  RF Linear Power Amplifiers and  Low Noise Pre-Amplifiers (LNAs) for the 70, 33 & 23cm bands,   & Bias Tees    —  For detailed spec. sheets for each product, click on the link highlighted in blue next to the description for a .pdf file that can be down-loaded.   Copy of instruction manuals available upon request.  A detailed test report is furnished with each product.

70cm, 33cm & 23cm RF LINEAR POWER AMPLIFIERS  — product brochure —  LinearPowerAmps-rev5-22

note:  power ratings are:  P(saturated) for CW & FM  / P(pep) for VUSB-TV & SSB  /  P(avg) for DTV

70cm, 70W/25W/10W, 53 dB Amplifier —  Model 70-9B Specs rev 5-21

70cm, 20/10/3 Watt, 53 dB Amplifier —  Model 70-7B specs rev 5-21

33cm, 20/6/2 Watt, 42dB Amplifier (also works on 70cm) —  Model 33-1A specs rev 5-21

23cm, 30/15/4.5 Watt, 49 dB Amplifier —  Model 23-11A Specs rev 5-21

LOW NOISE PRE-AMPLIFIERs   – LNAs, Ultra Broadband Amp, BPF  & Bias Tee

70cm, 0.7dB NF, 20dB gain, LNA, Pre-Amplifier  —  Model 70-LNA specs rev9-21

33cm, 0.7dB NF, 16dB gain, LNA, Pre-Amplifier   Model 33-LNA Specs

23cm, 0.7dB NF, 14dB gain, LNA, Pre-Amplifier — Model 23-LNA Specs

250 kHz – 3 GHz (-3dB BW), useful to 8 GHz, 20 dB gain, +22 dBm   —    Model UWBA-103 Specs

70cm Band-Pass Filter — 420-450 MHz  —  Model 70-BPF

Bias Tee –  144-2400 MHz, 50 V, 2 Amps —  BiasTeeSpecs

DVB-T  Receiver  — combo DVB-T & S receiver, pre-programmed for 70cm DATV  —  Combo Rcvr Specs

Rev:  12 July 2022, kh6htv