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RF LINEAR POWER AMPLIFIERS:   Amplifier  Brochure  —  amplifiers-oct2016

note:  power ratings are:  P(saturated) for CW & FM  / P(pep) for VUSB-TV  /  P(rms, avg) for DTV

23cm, 25/15/3 Watt, 50 dB Amplifier  Model 23-11A Specs rev 9-18

33cm, 50/20/6 Watts, 50 dB Amplifier  Model 33-3B Specs rev10-17

33cm, 15/6/2 Watts, 42 dB Amplifier   model-33-1a-specs-rev12-16

70cm, 60W/25W/10W, 50 Amplifier   Model 70-9B Specs rev10-17

70cm, 20/10/3 Watt, 50 dB Amplifier    model-70-7b-specs-rev12-16

Wide-Band LNA & Ultra Wide-Band AMPLIFIERS  — NEW, Lower  Prices ! ! !

LNA, <0.8dB NF 2m – 23cm, useful 50 MHz to 2.4 GHz, NEW PRODUCT  —  WBLNA3specs

1 kHz – 1.5 GHz (-3dB BW), useful to 7 GHz, low-noise 2.5 dB NF, 23 dB, +12 dBm     Model UWBA-101 Specs

1 kHz – 5 GHz (-3dB BW), useful to 10 GHz, 11 dB, +14 dBm     Model UWBA-102 Specs

250 kHz – 3 GHz (-3dB BW), useful to 8 GHz, 20 dB, +22 dBm  NEW PRODUCT !    Model UWBA-103 Specs


70cm, 420-450MHz (< 1 dB) bandwidth, Band-Pass Filter  Model 70-BPF Specs

70cm, 6 MHz bandwidth, Band-Pass Filter  Model ATV-BPF-XXX specs

70cm, UHF Duplexer  Model ATV-DPX specs revSept2019

TV  REPEATERS     NEW PRODUCT !    3 models available, 70cm in/out, 23cm in/70cm out, & 70cm in/23cm out     Model DTV-Rptr specs


70cm, 10W/3W/1W,  analog, NTSC, VUSB-TV Transmitter    model-70-10ad-specs-rev12-16

23cm, 3 Watt, analog, NTSC,  FM-TV Transmitter    Model 23-1 Specs rev April 2017

33-23cm, 20 dBm, analog, NTSC, FM-TV Modulator   Model 23-8 Specs-April 2017

70cm, 33cm & 23cm, hi-def (1080p), DVB-T, Digital TV Transmitters — order a modulator (such as a model HV-100EH) from Hi-Des (  ) and use one of our rf linear power amplifiers.


23cm Down-Converter, 22 dB conv. gain, 0.9 dB NF   Model 23-7 Specs Rev 10-18


70 MHz IF Amplifier & FM-TV Demodulator    — use with the model 23-7 down-converter to have a complete 23 cm FM-TV receiver    Can be used with any down-converter to make a microwave FM-TV receiver.    Model 23-5 Specs rev 03-17

DETAILED SPECS: Detailed spec. sheets for all products in .pdf format, complete with photos and spectrum plots, are available here on this web site. Click on the links above highlighted in blue.   Instruction manuals are also available upon request.

Rev:  21 Feb. 2020, kh6htv