Application Notes

“DVB-T:  A Solution for ARES Television Operations”,  by Jim Andrews, KH6HTV, .pdf reprint from ARRL’s QST magazine, June, 2015,  pp. 42-44   dvb-t-qst-june2015

APPLICATION  NOTES  relating to Amateur Television   (click on the blue links for a .pdf copy) 

AN-44  Remote Receiver for DVB-T  TV Repeater     AN-44 Remote DTV Rcvr    NEW – added May, 2018

AN-43c  KH6HTV-TVR Boulder, Colorado TV Repeater   AN-43c KH6HTV-TVR NEW – updated August, 2018

AN-42   Second, Re-Evaluation of Hi-Des, Model HV-320E, DVB-T, Modulator   AN-42 HV320E    NEW – added Dec. 2017

AN-41   2.4 GHz DTV Transceiver    AN-41 13cm Transceiver

AN-40  70cm Antennas for ATV    AN-40 70cm Antennas

AN-39  DVB-T  Recommended  Parameters   AN-39 DVB-T parameters

AN-38  Shopping Lists for Amateur, DVB-T, Digital TV Equipment   AN-38 Shopping Lists

AN-37  Thermal Issues with Hi-Des, DVB-T, Equipment   AN-37 Thermal Issues

AN-36  Microwave TV Transmitters & Receivers   an-36-microwave

AN-33  TV Propagation,  an-33a-tv-prop

AN-31  Digital & Analog TV Repeater,    AN-31 TV Rptr

AN-30b  An HDMI Switch for a Digital TV Repeater,   AN-30b HDMI Switch

AN-29  DVB-T Receiver Sensitivity Measurements,  AN-29 Rcvr Sensitivity

AN-28a  Evaluation of New Hi-Des Model HV-320E, DVB-T, Modulator   (note: see updated AN-42)   AN-28a HV320rev18Dec2017

AN-27a Evaluation of New Hi-Des Model HV-120A, DVB-T, Receiver   AN-27a HV120

AN-26  70cm DTV Propagation Studies    AN-26 70cm Prop

AN-25  Why I Selected DVB-T for Amateur Digital TV   AN-25 Why DVB-T

AN-24  Quad DVB-T Receiver    AN-24 Quad DTV Rcvr

AN-23  DVB-T Television Repeater    AN-23 DTV Rptr

AN-22b   Inter-Digital Band-Pass Filters  an-22b-inter-digital-bpf

AN-21d    How to Receive Amateur Digital, DVB-T Television Signals    AN-21d Receive DTV revMay2018     – revised May, 2018

AN-20a  DVB-T DX-pedition  (77 miles on 70cm)   AN-20a DVB-T DX

AN-19  Analog & Digital TV Co-Channel & Adjacent Channel RFI Measurements   AN-19 TV RFI

AN-18B  Notes on Setting Up Hi-Des DVB-T Modulator & Receiver    AN-18B HiDesNotes Rev Mar2017

AN-17  DVB-T the Solution for Ham Digital Television   AN-17 DVB-T rev9July14

AN-16  TV Camera Rain Cover   AN-16 RainCover

AN-15  Simple Camera Tripod Antenna Bracket   AN-15 Antenna Bracket

AN-14  FM Transmitter Deviation Adjustment & Calibration   AN-14 FM Deviation

AN-13  High Definition 64QAM Digital TV Transmitter   AN-13a 64QAM DTV Transmitter

AN-12  Reception of Amateur Television   AN-12a Reception of ATV

AN-11  Digital TV DX Record for Colorado (note: see updated AN-22a)   AN-11a DTV DX Record

AN-10b  70cm & Microwave Amateur TV Frequencies   AN-10b TV Frequencies

AN-9  Add Television to Your ARES Tool Kit    AN-9 ARES Tool Kit

AN-8  “Linear” Amplifiers — Buyer Beware    AN-8 NonLinear Amp

AN-6  MER — What is it ?    AN-6a MER

AN-5  P5 — TV Signal Quality Reporting    AN-5 P5

AN-4  Antennas for Ham TV  (note: also see new AN-40)    AN-4 Antennas

AN-3  Field Trials Comparing VUSB, FM, DVB-S & 64-QAM Television   AN-3a Field Trials

AN-2  DIGITAL  TV — the Good, the Bad & the Ugly    AN-2a DTV

AN-1  Why VUSB-TV vs. AM-TV ?   AN-1 WhyVUSB

For .pdf copies of old, obsolete, deleted application notes – send me an email request.

OTHER ATV RELATED TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS   (note: .pdf files.  PowerPoint files available upon request)

“TV in ARES” talk presented in Honolulu, HI, Jan. 2017, to amateur radio club, plus ARES/RACES & State of Hawaii State Civil Defense   tv-in-ares

“Amateur High-Definition, Digital Television”  talk presented in Honolulu, HI, Jan. 2017, to amateur radio club, plus ARES/RACES & State of Hawaii State Civil Defense   amateur-hd-dtv

“High Definition Amateur Digital Television”  talk presented at several ham clubs in Colorado Front Range, 2015.    HD Amateur DTV

“ATV & Public Safety”  talk presented at 2013 Dayton Hamvention, ATV Forum.    ATV&PublicSafetyRev1

“BCARES – Amateur Television Training”      BCARES_TV_trainingRev2

“BCARES – Advanced ATV Training”   AdvancedTVtraining

NOTE:   The following articles were published in national ham magazines.   Due to copyright issues they can not be posted here on-line.   Contact us for an individual copy.


“DVB-T:  A Solution for ARES Television Operations”, QST, June 2015, pp. 42-44

“70cm Digital TV DX Record”, QST, Mar., 2015, p. 96

“Modern ATV System Design”,  QST, Feb, 2013, pp. 46-47

“Boulder Hams Fight Forest Fires With Video”  QST, May, 2011

“New Digital TV DX Record”,  QST, May, 2012, pp. 88-89

AMATEUR TELEVISION QUARTERLY ARTICLES:      many articles since 2011, mostly based upon the above application notes.   Also published in Boulder Amateur Radio Club, BARC’s BARK, monthly newsletter

“Hams Respond to Colorado Wildfires — ATV Plays a Vital Role”,  CQ, Sept. 2012, pp. 13-19

OTHER PAPERS by KH6HTV on Amateur Radio Topics

“EZNEC Modeling of Alpha-Delta DX-EE, Multi-Band HF Dipole Antenna”, Mar. 2014, AD-HFdipoleRev1

EZNEC modeling of Yaesu ATAS-120A HF Mobile Antenna   — mounted on a car  EZNECmobileAnt     plus  mounted on the earth as a backyard, ‘stealth’, base station antenna  YAESU STEALTH ANTENNA    and YaesuStealthAnt-Part2

Baofeng UV-5R+Plus Chinese Dual-Band HT Transceiver Evaluation and Programming Guide  (2012)    ChineseHT

S Meter Calibration of Yaesu FTdx3000    S meter calib FT3000

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