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FREE DVD — “Amateur, High-Definition, Digital TV”  talk presented at Micro-Hams Digital Conference, Seattle, Washington, 9 May 2020  ( send request to )

ATV BOOK — “ATV HANDBOOK – an Introduction to Amateur TV”  — New updated 2021AN-55a ATV Handbook

DATV BOOK“Introduction to Amateur Digital Television”  — New updated 2021 —  AN-45a DTV Book

QST ARTICLEs — “Microwave Amateur Television”,  QST, Oct. 2021 —  2021-10 QST Microwavelengths

“Digital ATV Repeaters”, QST, Sept. 2019  DATV Rprtr QST Sept 2019

“DVB-T:  A Solution for ARES Television Operations”,  by Jim Andrews, KH6HTV, .pdf reprint from ARRL’s QST magazine, June, 2015,  pp. 42-44   dvb-t-qst-june2015

APPLICATION  NOTES  relating to Amateur Television   (click on the blue links for a .pdf copy) 

AN-62 — TinySA – an Inexpensive Test Instrument for Digital Transmitters  NEW —  coming soon

AN-61 — Low Cost, DIY,  Microwave Up & Down Converters  —  AN-61 Down-Converter

AN-60 — RF Power Measurement of Digital Signals    —  AN-60 DTV PWR

AN-59 — Evaluation of Hi-Des HV-310E, DVB-T Modulator & Comparison with HV-100EH & HV-320E   —  AN-59 HV310 rev6-21

AN-58 — Programming for ATV the GT Media V7+, DVB-T, Receiver   — AN-58 GT Rcvr

AN-57b —  Comparison of Hi-Des DVB-T Receivers  —   AN-57b Hi-Des Rcvrs

AN-56a — Replacement for Crystals – PXOs —  AN-56a PXO

AN-55a — ATV HANDBOOK – an Introduction to Amateur TV  updated 2021 —  AN-55a ATV Handbook

AN-54  Evaluation of Hi-Des, Model BR-101EH, DVB-T Repeater  —  AN-54 BR-101

AN-53  W0BTV, Boulder, Colorado, Digital ATV Repeater – Technical Details  — AN-53b W0BTV tech

AN-52  Boulder, Colorado ATV Repeater – History  —  AN-52 Rptr History

AN-51b  W0BTV, Boulder, Colorado – DATV Repeater  —- AN-51b W0BTV

AN-50a   Is DVB-T Sideband Sensitive ? (Yes !) —  AN-50a SideBand

AN-49a   70cm, DVB-T, Television Repeater with a Duplexer (major revision 10/21) —  AN-49a 70cm DTV Duplexer Rptr

AN-48   Building a Basic, 70cm, DVB-T, Television Repeater —  AN-48 70cm DTV Rptr

AN-47  USA ATV Repeater Directory ( updated, June, 2021) —  AN-47 ATV Rptrs rev June2021

AN-46  Amplifier Output Power for Various Modulations  (FM/CW, AM, SSB, VUSB-TV, DTV (QPSK, 16QAM & 64QAM))  —  AN-46 Amps&Mod

AN-45a  Introduction to Amateur Digital Television —  AN-45a DTV Book

AN-42   Second, Re-Evaluation of Hi-Des, Model HV-320E, DVB-T, Modulator (see updated AN-59) —  AN-42 HV320E

AN-41   2.4 GHz DTV Transceiver  —  AN-41 13cm Transceiver

AN-40  70cm Antennas for ATV  —  AN-40 70cm Antennas

AN-39b  DVB-T  Recommended  Parameters —  AN-39b DVB-T parameters

AN-36b  Microwave TV Transmitters & Receivers    NEW, REVISED  —  AN-36b Microwave

AN-33a  TV Propagation, — an-33a-tv-prop

AN-32  Boulder, CO – DTV/ATV Repeater Coverage (deleted, obsolete, see AN-51)

AN-29  DVB-T Receiver Sensitivity Measurements, — AN-29 Rcvr Sensitivity

AN-28a  Evaluation of New Hi-Des Model HV-320E, DVB-T, Modulator   (note: see updated AN-42 & AN-59) —  AN-28a HV320rev18Dec2017

AN-27b Evaluation of New Hi-Des Model HV-120A, DVB-T, Receiver (updated, see AN-57) —  AN-27b HV120

AN-26  70cm DTV Propagation Studies  (also see AN-33) —  AN-26 70cm Prop

AN-25  Why I Selected DVB-T for Amateur Digital TV  — AN-25 Why DVB-T

AN-24a  Quad DVB-T Receiver,  NEW-REVISED  —  AN-24a Quad DTV Rcvr

AN-23e DVB-T Television Repeater  (also see AN-48) —  AN-23e DTV Rptr    new-revised 9/19

AN-22b   Inter-Digital Band-Pass Filters —  an-22b-inter-digital-bpf

AN-21e    How to Receive Amateur Digital, DVB-T Television Signals  NEW, Revised  —  AN-21e Rcv DVB-T Rev Feb2021     

AN-20a  DVB-T DX-pedition  (77 miles on 70cm)  —  AN-20a DVB-T DX

AN-19  Analog & Digital TV Co-Channel & Adjacent Channel RFI Measurements  — AN-19 TV RFI

AN-18e  Notes on Setting Up Hi-Des DVB-T Modulator & Receiver  —  revised 2021 —  AN-18e HiDesSetup 

AN-17  DVB-T the Solution for Ham Digital Television —  AN-17 DVB-T rev9July14

AN-16  TV Camera Rain Cover —  AN-16 RainCover

AN-15  Simple Camera Tripod Antenna Bracket   —  AN-15 Antenna Bracket

AN-14  FM Transmitter Deviation Adjustment & Calibration  —  AN-14 FM Deviation

AN-11  Digital TV DX Record for Colorado (note: see updated AN-22a) —  AN-11a DTV DX Record

AN-10b  70cm & Microwave Amateur TV Frequencies —  AN-10b TV Frequencies

AN-9  Add Television to Your ARES Tool Kit  —  AN-9 ARES Tool Kit

AN-8  “Linear” Amplifiers — Buyer Beware —   AN-8 NonLinear Amp

AN-6a  MER — What is it ? —   AN-6a MER

AN-5a  P5 — TV Signal Quality Reporting,  NEW-2019-REVISED  — AppNote5a-P5

AN-4  Antennas for Ham TV  (note: also see new AN-40) —   AN-4 Antennas

AN-3  Field Trials Comparing VUSB, FM, DVB-S & 64-QAM Television  — AN-3a Field Trials

AN-2  DIGITAL  TV — the Good, the Bad & the Ugly  —  AN-2a DTV

AN-1  Why VUSB-TV vs. AM-TV ? —  AN-1 WhyVUSB

For .pdf copies of old, obsolete, deleted application notes – send me an email request.  — the following have been deleted  AN-7, 12,13,30,31,32,34,35,37,38,43 & 44.

OTHER ATV RELATED TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS   ( Power-Point slides — note: .pdf files.  Original Power-Point files available upon request)

“Amateur High-Definition, Digital Television” –  power-point slides for talk presented to MICRO-HAMS DIGITAL CONFERENCE – 2020, 9 May  (note: a Free DVD of this talk is available.  send your request to ) — (updated version 10/2021)  —  DTV-talk rev 10-21

“Amateur High Definition Digital Television”  2019 version, talk presented to various Colorado ham clubs & ARES groups.  PowerPoint slides —  Amateur HD-DTV-Sept2019

“ATV & Public Safety”  talk presented at 2013 Dayton Hamvention, ATV Forum.    ATV&PublicSafetyRev1

“BCARES – Amateur Television Training”, 2013 —   BCARES_TV_trainingRev2

“BCARES – Advanced ATV Training” , 2013 —   AdvancedTVtraining

NOTE:   The following articles were published in national ham magazines.


“Microwave Amateur Television”,  QST, Oct. 2021 —2021-10 QST Microwavelengths

“Digital ATV Repeaters”, QST, Sept. 2019, pp. 40-41  DATV Rprtr QST Sept 2019

“DVB-T:  A Solution for ARES Television Operations”, QST, June 2015, pp. 42-44  QST June 2015

“70cm Digital TV DX Record”, QST, Mar., 2015, p. 96

“Modern ATV System Design”,  QST, Feb, 2013, pp. 46-47  QST Feb 2013

“Boulder Hams Fight Forest Fires With Video”  QST, May, 2011  QST May 2011

“New Digital TV DX Record”,  QST, May, 2012, pp. 88-89  QST May 2012

“Hams Respond to Colorado Wildfires — ATV Plays a Vital Role”,  Richard Fisher, CQ, Sept. 2012, CQ Sept 2012

TV Repeater’s REPEATER  –  Boulder Amateur TV club’s newsletter.  I am the editor.    Back issue copies are available elsewhere on this web site.

CQ-DATV  I have recently joined the editorial staff of this free, on-line, electronic magazine.    All back issues can be downloaded from

AMATEUR TELEVISION QUARTERLY ARTICLES:      many articles since 2011, mostly based upon the above application notes.   I also published in Boulder Amateur Radio Club, BARC’s BARK, monthly newsletter and more recently, the Boulder Amateur TV Club’s newsletter.   BATVC newsletters are available on this web site.

OTHER PAPERS by KH6HTV on Amateur Radio Topics

EZNEC modeling of Yaesu ATAS-120A HF Mobile Antenna   — mounted on a car  EZNECmobileAnt     plus  mounted on the earth as a backyard, ‘stealth’, base station antenna  YAESU STEALTH ANTENNA    and YaesuStealthAnt-Part2

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