Mike Collis, WA6SVT, Broadcast Engineer CBS-Los Angeles, Technical Editor Amateur Television Quarterly …….”The bottom line is that this analog transmitter will give you CATV quality picture and sound, about as close to analog broadcast TV used to be.”    Also see Mike’s complete, six page technical review, “KH6HTV Video Equipment Evaluation” in Fall, 2011 issue of Amateur Television Quarterly.

Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, ARRL Section Manager for Colorado  …….   “I have used various portable TV transmitter gear designed and built by Jim Andrews for nearly twenty years. They have always performed flawlessly and provided great TV pictures – even under less than ideal circumstances in the field. The only thing more reliable than a TV product designed and built by Jim Andrews… is the owner himself! ” ………….  Jack, WM0G

Allen Bishop, K0ARK, former Chairman & EC, Boulder County, Colorado ARES (BCARES)   ……..   “In early 2010 I requested from Jim Andrews (KH6HTV VIDEO) a custom engineered 10 watt analog video transmitter for use in my work with the Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (BCARES) and its served agencies.

The unit that Mr. Andrews designed, constructed and delivered allows the transmission of analog composite video signals from color video cameras to receiving equipment that provides live video coverage of local and state wide emergency operations.  During the 2010 Four Mile Canyon fire, live video from these transmitters played an important role in the defense of homes and the direction of emergency resources.

The transmitter complies with FCC and Amateur radio requirements for the suppression of adjacent TV channel noise and interference.  The unit operates cleanly within the 70 cm band and allows the user to manually select any of four (4) cable channels – 57, 58, 59 or 60 (CATV).

My specific product has been operational for well over a year in extremely rugged conditions including elevations in excess of 11,000 feet on roads accessible only by off road vehicles.  The unit has operated in both hot and cold environments with operating temperatures from above 100 degrees F. to temperatures below freezing.

Because of these capabilities and the level of reliability, a wide range of video transmitters from KH6HTV VIDEO are in use by amateur radio operators assigned to the BCARES organization in support of its many served agencies.

I am extremely pleased with both the reliability and the performance of these units and would recommend that anyone looking for an economical and reliable solution for over-the-air video transmission, consider a solution from KH6HTV VIDEO.”   ………..  Allen Bishop, K0ARK

Rev:  26 Nov. 2016