KH6HTV Video is a small one man business.  It is my retirement, ham shack, hobby business.  My objective is to supply ATV products to other hams that want an “appliance operator” solution, rather than “home-brewing”, “rolling their own”.   I rarely keep stock on any product.  Most products are only built after receipt of your order.   All products are hand crafted, one at a time in my Boulder, Colorado USA ham shack.   No cookie cutter, mass production here.   All products are then completely tested to be assured they are in perfect working order.   A test report is furnished with each product.

ORDERS  may be placed either via e-mail or mail.  I do want to receive in writing exactly what you wish to purchase, so there will be no mis-understandings.

PRICES:  The current prices are posted here on the web site.   All prices are in USA dollars.  All prices  do not include shipping.  Actual shipping charges will be added to the invoice.

USA CUSTOMER PAYMENT TERMS:   For orders from hams, ham clubs or ARES groups, payment by bank check or cash is required.   Sorry, but I do not accept credit cards, nor PayPal.    Terms of Net 30 are available only to government agencies.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER PAYMENT TERMS:    Payment must be made in USA dollars ($).   Payment is to be made only by International Bank Wire Transfer.  Before initiating a wire transfer, contact me for my bank’s detailed instructions.

SHIPPING:   The F.O.B. point is  Boulder, Colorado.   Your order will be shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail using standard flat rate cartons.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION —  KH6HTV VIDEO guarantees you will be pleased with your purchase.    I give you two weeks after receipt  to fully evaluate it.   If you find that it does not meet  advertised specs. and you are not completely pleased with it’s performance, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price.   The product, and all accessories, must be in undamaged condition with no scratches, dings, etc. and returned in the original packing carton with protective wrapping, shipping prepaid.    Upon receipt, I will issue a check reimbursing you for the purchase price, shipping not included.    Note: this guarantee does NOT warrant that a TV link will work over a particular RF path.   Issues of path loss, multi-path, antennas, geographical obstructions, etc. are beyond the control of KH6HTV VIDEO.

FCC  NOTICE  —-  These TV transmitters and amplifiers are not FCC type accepted. Therefore, the use of these TV transmitters or amplifiers is only legal in the USA amateur radio bands.   Owners and operators of these TV transmitters and amplifiers must be licensed amateur radio operators. When ordering, your amateur radio call sign must be included with your order. All call signs will be verified by checking   www.qrz.com    An exception will be made for orders from ham clubs, ARES organizations and recognized public safety government agencies. These orders must be accompanied by a separate letter on organization letterhead from a licensed amateur radio operator who is an officially recognized, officer and/or member of such organization. This letter must certify that the TV transmitter or amplifier being purchased is solely for legal use within the amateur radio band and will only be operated by licensed amateur radio operators.

( rev.  30 Oct. 2021, kh6htv )